Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 2

We'll begin today's class by looking at at a couple very useful internet tools for getting around Montréal.

First, we'll look at the STM's public transportation locator, Tout Azimut.

Next, we'll see if we can find the nearest Bixi bike stand to our home and how many bikes are available there using their Station Locator.

Finally we'll use Map Quest to find the quickest route by car to a particular destination.

In the second half of the class we will continue our exploration of blogs by taking a look at some local Montréal bloggers and make some comments on their posts. Here's a few suggestions. If there's nothing that interests you, do a search using the google blog search at the bottom of the page.

Vu d'ici - One of Montréal’s foremost culture bloggers

Midnight Poutine - Arts, culture and food, prepared daily.

Reading Montréal - Reading Montréal. The City is a book with 100, 000 poems

Spacing Montreal -Understanding the urban landscape.

Montreal City Weblog All things pertinent to your municipality.

Narratives - Literary News and Reviews from the Montréal Gazette.

Exploring South West Montréal- An up-to-date blog on the happenings
and neighborhood politics in South-West Montréal.

Montreal Foodie Reviews, Opinion, Rants and Raves from the Montreal Restaurant, Dining and Food Scene

You can also search key words for blogs on topics that interest you at:


  1. There are no bixi bikes available.
    There are no bike docks available at this location.

  2. le trajet dure 35 minutes entre atwater et cine parc beaubien

  3. Szerbusz Robert.Mindjárt kijött a bloggod.
    Üdv. Gyuszitól.